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Here’s some questions that’s I get asked regularly:
Can I paint straight onto newly plastered walls?
You need to let the plaster completely dry first,  this will be obvious as it turns a pink colour. It is recommended to use a 50:50 (water/paint)  wash first to seal the area.
What if I want to pull down my old ceiling?
This is no problem, plasterboard will be screwed into the joists and then plastered over. I can remove an old ceiling if required.
What is two coat plastering?
This is applying two coats of plaster one directly on top of the other, this provides a more even finish and a less polished look – eggshell finish,  paint adheres more easily.
How much will my work cost?
This varies on the job,  this is why a quote is essential.  Price depends on the amount of work and materials needed.   I will always give the best price possible.
I only have a small area to be plastered is this possible?
No area is too small,  sometimes it may be easier to plaster the whole area rather than patch it in as this provides a better and more even finish.  There may not be a difference in price, again this is where I would need to see the job first.
My room has furniture and carpets in,  is it possible to plaster the area?
This is no problem as long as I can access the areas I need to.  All carpets and furniture will be covered and kept immaculate. 
There won’t be anyone at the property is that OK?
That’s no problem as long as I have access to running water and electricity.  
What do I need to do in order to prepare for plastering?
Ideally walls need to have wallpaper removed and as much space in the room as possible. If you don’t have the time to remove the wallpaper yourself this can be done although there will be an extra charge. I need to have running water available at the property and electricity in the room I’ll be working in.
Does price vary on the size of the room?
The price is reflected by the time the job will take, small intricate areas can be around the same cost as a large flat wall. Please feel free to call me to discuss or arrange a quote. Prices can really only be given when I can see what the job entails. I will also give the best price possible.